Wicked Chickenz Ranch

Wicked Chickenz is the heart of our Big Top Citystead. It all started a year ago with the statement “ but I only want 2 chickens”...my husband reminds me of that conversation as often as possible. Usually when he is building a new coop to house the latest edition to our flock. It has taken me a year to decide what breeds I will be focusing on. I currently have a breeding pair of Seramas, (they have produced 3 chicks already), a pair of Blue Brassy Back Sport OEGB and a mixed flock of various other bantams. My newest passion is my Silver Duckwing Phoenix bantam roo, Peckerhead. I am looking into getting him some ladies of his own kind and taking him out of my mixed flock to create his own. My husband has a flock of ISA Browns and Speckled Sussex. We will be adding Black and Blue Jersey Giants when they are ready to come out of the brooder. We are working on a breeding program to create the best meat/egg production bird with our standard sized chickens. I hope you enjoy following our progress and thank you for visiting our site.